Gardener Responsibilities

Responsibilities of each gardener: The downloadable forms are on line and it is $25. Per plot 2015.

  1. Maintain your plot or plots with growing fruits, vegetables or flowers.   Keep your weeds below 1 foot.   Your weeds will affect your neighbor’s plots and also will give coverage for voles to live.   Please keep them to a minimum.
  2. Keep your pathways (mulch or stone) that are adjacent to your plot, clear of any weeds.
  3. Give 5 hours of community service per plot per year. If you have one plot that would be 5 hours.   2 plots that would be 10 hours. 3 plots that would be 15 hours.   4 plots that would be 20 hours.   4 plots are our maximum per family starting in 2015. Community service hours would include our opening work day, closing work day, meetings, community work nights/mornings , and individual jobs that maintain the entire grounds. Please keep records of this and keep in communication about these activities.   We are all responsible for maintaining the complete garden.
  4. Security week.   Each gardener will be sure that the garden is locked up at dusk for a week each growing season.   We will assign weeks, but if you are unavailable that week, let us know well in advance and we will switch your week.
  5. Clear your plot at the end of the growing season completely and plant a cover crop to hold down the nutrients in your garden so it is ready for the next year’s growing season.
  6. Follow the garden rules (on the forms page) to be sure that our garden stays friendly and welcoming.


If you are a returning gardener these responsibilities need to be completed before being able to sign up for the following year.     We will be signing up in person with a plot committee at our once a month meetings and at the end of the year clean-up morning .   We will not be reserving any plots.

If you are a new gardener, we will go over what community gardening entails.   Please ask any questions.


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